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Thank you for your interest in a position in our lab.


Besides this, there are NO open positions in our laboratory. The following is legacy information!

Openings at various levels are limited and available only to those who can convince us that they are committed, motivated and nice. We expect all applicants to be able to think quantitatively, and have an interest / skill in either computational or biological sciences. Positions directed towards specific projects are not available at present. 

All applicants should contact Aswin (aswin at ncbs dot res dot in). To make an application that will be considered in the face of innumerable spam messages, follow the guidelines given below and on the right. Based on the documents we receive, you may be invited to visit our lab and interact with the lab members, and undergo one (or more) informal interview(s); this may be skipped or be done over the phone for summer students. If we are interested in recruiting you, we will ask you to send two letters of recommendation, following the receipt of which a final decision will be taken.

We invite applications for summer trainee and project assistant positions throughout the year. 

Send your CV, a 250-word description of past research (for those who have such experience), and a 500-word write-up on why you are interested in our work, and how you will be able to contribute to research in our lab. The latter essay should be scientifically motivated - based on peer-reviewed literature - and devoid of poetic verses. These essays will be evaluated depending on whether you are a current undergraduate or a postgraduate, or whether you hold an M.Sc (or equivalent) degree. 

For project assistants, we expect to see both the above essays; summer students may be able to supply only the latter (we will not say no if you are able to send in the 250-word essay on past work as well). 

Applicants to project assistant positions should hold a CSIR/UGC-JRF or a DST-INSPIRE Fellowship (or equivalent) that can be activated for such work. 

Applicants for summer trainee positions will typically hold a KVPY or an Indian Academy of Sciences summer scholarship (or equivalent).

We require two letters of reference.

Aspirants to PhD student positions are directed to the NCBS PhD Programme and the NCBS Theory Programme.

Post-doctoral positions are severely limited, and open only to those who can give a new direction to the lab. Applicants should send in a one-page (Times New Roman, font-size 10, 1.2 spacing, PDF file) write-up describing their PhD work, and a two page proposal on what they would like to do. We are able to consider applicants only if they are successful in obtaining competitive fellowships listed on the NCBS website [NCBS Fellows Program] [Extramural Fellowships]. We require three letters of reference.

We are funded by NCBS (DAE), DST, CSIR, DBT. and UGC