Avantika Lal

I am a PhD student in the lab, and am registered with TIFR (the parent institute of NCBS).

I did my BSc.(Hons.) in Biochemistry from Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, and then joined NCBS as an Integrated PhD student in 2010. 

I joined the Bugbears in October 2011, and initially worked on the role DNA methylation in regulating transcription in E.coli. Currently, I am continuing this work, and my research interests also include transcriptional regulation in bacteria by RNA Polymerase binding factors such as 6S RNA.

Outside the lab, I am an amateur science fiction/fantasy writer and dancer, and occasionally try to cook when I’m desperate to avoid NCBS food!

We are funded by NCBS (DAE), DST, CSIR, DBT. and UGC