Paper on E. coli DNA cytosine methylation in Nature Communications

Our paper on cytosine methylation in E. coli has been accepted for publication in Nature Communications. The work was started during Aswin's last few months in Cambridge, …

Paper on bacterial DNA methyltransferases in Nucleic Acids Research

Our paper describing a comparative genomic study of DNA methyltransferases in bacteria has appeared online in Nucleic Acids Research. The work was motivated by discussions …

Inigo's Nature

Inigo Martincorena's (PhD student in the Luscombe lab) monumental effort describing heterogeneity in mutation rates across a genome finds a home in the journal Nature.

Luscombe in London

The Luscombe lab has moved to London, from its previous home in Cambridge.

The Vaquerizas lab

Juanma Vaquerizas, a close colleague from the Luscombe lab, will soon set up his own group at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Medicine in Muenster.

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