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Welcome to Bugbears.

We are a bunch of researchers at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, located in Bangalore, India. Our aim in life (at least at the workplace) is to figure out aspects of how the teeming zillions of teeny-weeny bacteria go about doing what they do.

We also have an official website, which is less frequently updated.

Book on Bacterial Genomics Released by Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press has released a new book on Bacterial Genomics, written by Aswin.

On CUP, India website

On CUP, worldwide website

Paper on genome-wide structural variations impacting xenogene silencing

In a paper, just published in Nucleic Acids Research, we use laboratory evolution and genome sequencing  to show that a large duplication of ~40% of the …

Paper on the evolution of antibiotic resistance in the laboratory

In a paper, just published in DNA Research, we use laboratory evolution and genome sequencing  to show that the benign laboratory workhorse Escherichia coli, …


A postdoctoral position is open in the laboratories of Dr. Marco Cosentino-Lagomarsino and Dr. Bianca Sclavi in Paris, France, for a joint project with our …

A paper on the effect of a transcription terminator on transcription silencing 

In a paper, just published in The Journal of Biosciences, we use genomic techniques to show that inhibition of transcription terminator Rho abrogates the …

A couple of research grants this year!

Over the last few months, our lab has received two research grants from bodies of the Government of India. The first, from the Department of Biotechnology, …

A collaborative paper on small non-coding RNAs in the regenerating Planerian worm

Vidyanand Sasidharan and co-workers from Dasaradhi Palakodeti's lab at InSTEM, have been working on a project describing the non-coding RNA profile of the …

Bacterial Expressions, an international conference on bacterial gene expression and evolution (Oct 22-25, 2013) 

Watch this space for a summary of the outcomes of what was a successful conference!

Keeping foreign DNA silent - the role of DNA sequences and molecular backups

In a paper, just published in Molecular Biosystems, we report that both DNA sequences and the need for back-up mechanisms for gene silencing in Escherichia …

Beefing up the manipulation of the immune system: a novel prophage in Indian Staphylococcus aureus

In a paper, just published in PLoS ONE, we report the presence of a novel prophage (viral DNA that is integrated in the host bacterial chromosome) in the …

We are funded by NCBS (DAE), DST, CSIR, DBT. and UGC